Mysterious Letter

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Mysterious Letter
64 x 64
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Mysterious Letter is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]


Your craftmanship is improving and your zeal has not gone unnoticed in Nidal. We are pleased by your success, and this means Zon-Kuthon is pleased as well. The Umbral Court requires a new agent in the Stolen Lands. By Eloander's insistence, the circle of druids recommended you. Be proud, for this is a great honor - but it must yield results, for if you don't glorify the Midnight Lord with your deeds, you will exalt him with your death as you writhe on the rack.

You are tasked with observing the barony, ruled by {player}. Though young the state of his may seem, it is significant in that it has survived so long... especially when measured against the countless other kingdoms that sought to rise in the Stolen Lands and now lie in ruin. This barony's persistence has attracted attention of many in Avistan, and Nidal can not afford to lag behind its rivals.

The Baron's court is still too small to infiltrate without risk of exposure. Instead, watch from a distance and pass along any information you can about events within the barony's borders.

Your second objective is the search for an artifact, created by fey magic in times before memories. The Umbral Court has been searching for it for a long time, and our..."

Source[edit | edit source]

On a bush in Raspberry Gully location. If you notice (Perception 20) interactive place and remove the magic seal from the envelope before taking it.

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