Mother of Monsters

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Mother of Monsters
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Triggered at the end of An Amusement for the Nobles
Parent Quest
Season of Bloom
Lonely Mill (optional)
Goblin Village
Ferocious Owlbear
Goblin Alchemist
Goblin Horseslayer (Fighter 8)
Primal Hydra
Primal Manticore
Main quest
600 XP
Previous Quest
An Amusement for the Nobles

Mother of Monsters is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Who's infecting the civilians? Who's filling the lands with bloodthirsty monsters? Could it be Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters herself? If so, we have to look for answers among her followers – the filthy goblins!
Locate the goblin village
Somewhere in the Kamelands, an entire goblin village is hidden away. We have to search the region thoroughly and find it at all costs!
Visit the goblin village
We located the goblin village. I bet it stinks to the heavens! Still, we'll just have to cover our noses and brave a visit to these pests to discuss their theology.
Find the goblin leader
We made it to the village. I'm surprised these goblins managed to build something without immediately burning it to the ground! Now we have to find out who's in charge here.
Speak with the captured goblin
The goblin leader showed his heels, but one of his subjects seems to know something useful.
Our lead proved false: neither the goblins nor their terrible goddess were involved in our troubles. But we found a new clue — it seems the goblin shaman knows where to look for the source of the infection.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Either search the Kamelands for the village or travel to the Lonely Mill and complete the event.
  • Travel to the nearby Goblin Village.
  • Fight your way through the sparse goblin attacks.
  • Talk to Nok-Nok.