Middle of Nowhere

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Middle of Nowhere
Pitax, Stolen Lands, River Kingdoms, Avistan
The Impatient Pirates of Pitax

Middle of Nowhere is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Description[edit | edit source]

''Located in the middle of the Pitaxian plains, this place is somewhat unremarkable... aside from a sturdy-looking metallic door that can be found, surprising any traveler who happens to pass by it. The door could lead to a dungeon, or to some underground tunnels - no one as ever opened it to find out.''

  • A magical door leads to Blakemoor's Hideout. For some reason detecting magic and even knocking politely does not make the door open. Force methods, on the other hand, do wonders! Of course, if you can pass an Athletics 40 (+23040 xp) or Trickery 35 (+3840 xp) skill check.
  • If you fail all the checks - you can buy the key from the door for 10,000 Coin.png or another test. The seller is next to the fireplace in the tavern.

  • Inside you find non-agressive Blakemoor, who seemingly tries to summon something in a magic circle. Start a conversation with Blakemoor. You can begin with:
  • Now you try to make sense, what's going on:
    • Ask more about Blakmoor's life and find out, that he is being followed by the devil Siroket from Hell
And all I had to fight her off was a sack of low-quality tobacco, the Flute of the Hundred Sea Winds, a deaf-mute kobold servant, and the sulfur which laid in such abundance all around. But that's more than enough to trick some clueless devils!
~ Blakemoor on Ingame
    • Offer Blakemoor an advisor position for a refusal and a short funny story.
    • "Perhaps it's time to finish the grimoire?" - leads to the next step
  • Now you decide how to deal with the book:

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