Message from the laboratory of Farnirras

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Message from the laboratory of Farnirras
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Magical Prison
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Message from the laboratory of Farnirras is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"You who reads these lines! Whoever you are, please heed my words. I'm in desperate need of help!

My name is Farnirras the Pensive, and I am a mage from great empire of Iobaria, may the gods prolong the years of its prosperity. I retired to these wild lands, in the furthest of our provinces, to peacefully engage in magical experiments. But now a terrible danger looms over my work, and even my life itself. I'm not even sure I will have time to finish this message before it takes me. Oh, unknown reader, if this letter is in your hands, I am either dead or trapped in a magical prison in a barrow near the western spurs of Tors of Levenies. If you do not lack virtue, or at least desire to receive a well-deserved reward, then find the dungeon and save me (or recover my mortal remains).

It will be difficult to open the door. Here in the laboratory I store the magic key you will need for this. But in addition to the key, the door is locked by a mighty spell. The door will open only for the one who defeats forty-five monstrous creatures of all kinds. Magic tags their lairs with a special mark, which you may have already seen on your way.

It may be foolish to hope there's a daredevil out there, who is capable of overcoming dozens of monsters and combating the terrible power that has ruined me... but still I hope for the miracle."

Source[edit | edit source]

Found together with the Unholy Flail +4, The Key to the Magical Prison and Diary of Farnirras the Pensive in the hidden (in your Capital) underwell laboratory of Farnirras after the Uncanny Well throne room event.