Message from Maegar Varn

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Message from Maegar Varn
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Message from Maegar Varn is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"Most Honorable Baron{ess} {player}!

This is your good neighbor Maegar Varn, the ruler of Varnhold, writing. The terrible news that your lands are being swarmed by loathsome monsters has just reached me. Without wishing to cast any doubt on your valor and combat prowess, I nevertheless dare suggest my help in these dark times.

Unfortunately, I cannot lend you my sword: all my warriors are busy protecting our roads – there have just been too many bandits in Dunsward. But as a sign of my utmost respect, I send some valuable resources along with this letter. Let them serve you and your people well in these harsh days.

I am sure that you would do the same in my place, and would never leave Varnhold without help. Therefore, do not perceive this as an attempt to indebt you to myself. My help is free – I offer it of my own volition. Baronies like ours need to stick together, in a steadfast alliance. If one fails, the others will follow. Together, we can withstand any menace – even the likes that the Stolen Lands are famed for.

P.S.: I dare not insist, knowing of your hardship, but I do remind you that I would be delighted to welcome you in Varnhold at any time.

Respectfully yours,

Baron Maegar Varn"

Source[edit | edit source]

Given to you during a throne room Kingdom event during or after the Season of Bloom.