Merchant's Letter

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Merchant's Letter
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Merchant's Letter is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"My sweet Lesken!

I just received a letter from you and rushed immediately to answer – I want you to get word from me as soon as you arrive in New Stetven. With all these endless travels of yours I've become and expert on roads and settlements myself. Little Ketri asks about his father's whereabouts every night instead of a bedtime story. then I get a map and show him: here's our Galt, and these are the Stolen Lands, there's Brevoy, and this is the road our father is riding on right now. Then we wish you goodnight and go to sleep.

Everything is all right here. The workers you've hired finally finished painting the wall and fixed the roof. Now sitting at the very top of our house is that marvelous forged weathercock you brought from Numeria. It's perching up there and watching around – what's there behind the horizon? Maybe the master is on his way home?

Ron the Baldhead returned recently – you'd somehow missed each other in Mivon. He told a bunch of tall stories about his adventures, as he usually does. Told us there is a hodag living in the woods in the southern Stolen Lands. I almost fainted on the spot – that's the forest you pass by every time! Maybe Ron just lies – but I beg you to take care and choose the other road to skip coming near that damned forest!

I'm writing this now and can't keep my tears from running. I'm just not myself without you. The only joy I have is watching little Ketri. His face and yours are as like as two peas, he even frowns just like you! You always bring me some presents – dresses, or shoes, now this turquoise brooch you promised last time – but I need none of that! The only thing I need is you by my side, safe and sound. Take care of yourself! Be back soon!

Your beloved,

Olika and Ketri"

Source[edit | edit source]

Found on a dead bodies belongings in the Lone House.