Magical Prison

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Magical Prison
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Speak to the door at the bottom of the Lonely Barrow
Lonely Barrow
Opens the door to Farniras's Prison in the Lonely Barrow

Magical Prison is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A mage named Farnirras the Pensive is imprisoned under the Lonely Barrow by some unknown force. To get inside we must defeat forty five monsters. Their lairs will be tagged by a special mark once we discover them.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Region Map Remarks
Shrike Arbor Rock
Shrike Old Mesa
Shrike Riverine Rise
Shrike Ratnook Hill
Shrike Trail in the Hills
Kamelands Bald Stones
Kamelands Empty Skull Rock Has two caves, must clear both
Dire Narlmarches Baneful Bog
Dire Narlmarches Dappled Quagmire
Dire Narlmarches Rill-And-Spill
Dire Narlmarches Swamp Ruins
Dire Narlmarches Tenacious Marsh
North Narlmarches Glade in the Wilderness
North Narlmarches Tuskgutter's Lair
South Narlmarches Hodag Lair
South Narlmarches Monster Den
Dunsward Blood Furrows
Dunsward Rinderpest Burial Ground
Glenebon Charred Ruins
Glenebon Country Road
Glenebon Fossil Fields
Glenebon Giant's Palm
Glenebon Raspberry Gully
Glenebon Serpent Trail
Glenebon Two-Faced Hill
Glenebon Wicked Field
Silverstep Dragonleaf Gulch
Silverstep Precipice Trail Borders with Tors of Levenies
Outskirts Old Oak
Pitax Giggling Hill
Pitax Ornate Ruins
Pitax Wicked Hill
Varnhold Crooked Teeth Connected via Portal with Rotten Cave
Varnhold Hilltop Trail
Varnhold Rotten Cave Connected via Portal with Crooked Teeth
Varnhold Spider Lair
Varnhold Unfinished Clearing
Tors of Levenies Collapsed Passage
Tors of Levenies Little Sellen Source Borders with Silverstep
Tors of Levenies Shivering Glade
Thousand Voices Carnival Glade
Thousand Voices Forest Ballroom
Thousand Voices Gnawed Rocks
Thousand Voices Grocery Stalls
Thousand Voices Ilthuliak's Lair
- Oak-That-Strayed Borders with Outskirts

Outcome[edit | edit source]

We can cross out this task.