Maegar Varn's Letter

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Maegar Varn's Letter
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Maegar Varn's Letter is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"Most Honorable Baron{ess} {player}!

This is Maegar Varn, the ruler of the neighboring city of Varnhold, writing. You might remember meeting me at the reception – our encounter had a powerful effect on me. You are a brave warrior and a wise ruler, which is why I hope to enlist your support and, in the future, form a firm friendship. No matter whether the gods or the Swordlords have contributed to us becoming neighbors, I believe that our alliance will be as steadfast as a rock.

To signify the formation of our alliance, I invite you to visit Varnhold and see for yourself that my intentions are good. The city is still young, but we have a lot to show our guests. Our cellars are full of wine barrels, and our storehouses of grain and cheese. It is easy to reach my city: the path to Varnhold lies in the east, past Lake Silverstep, and over the ridge of the Tors of Levenies. Hard to get lost in these parts.

Whether you accept my invitation or not, I ask of you one more thing: consider building a route and developing trade between our lands. I am convinced that both of us would only benefit from this union.

I anxiously await your visit.

Respectfully yours,

Baron Maegar Varn"