Loyal Servants

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Loyal Servants
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Loyal Servants is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Journal[edit | edit source]

No country, neither Andoran nor Cheliax, could last a month without loyal and reliable Leaders. It's time to appoint the right people to our government positions!
Appoint one of the advisors the Treasurer
Some people would say that the most important position is that of the Treasurer. The applicant for this position must be smart, well-educated, keen, honest beyond a doubt... Do such mortals even exist?
Appoint five advisors to public posts
A treasurer alone cannot handle all the barony's tasks and missions. They need good associates!
Unlock a new leader post
I have a feeling that just five Leaders won't make a real council. I hope the baron{ess} can find a few more positions in his government... or come up with some!
Unlock all ten posts and appoint advisors
Ten Leaders! Now that's what I call a council! A perfectly round number for our real council! Though, I heard the Andoran government has 350 people's representatives... But so many members wouldn't even fit in our throne room!

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