Letter from Jamandi Aldori

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Letter from Jamandi Aldori
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Letter from Jamandi Aldori is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"Let me remind you that while the trading post in question is situated on the land which now belongs to you, its owners, Oleg Leveton and his spouse Svetlana, are of Restov origin. They have been paying their taxes to Restov for many years, and enjoyed the benefits of the city's protection. Restov is not accustomed to tossing away its subjects. However, as Oleg and Svetlana have expressed a desire to go under your jurisdiction, Lord Mayor Sellemius is inclined to act benevolently and let it happen, but not without a precondition.

Some debts are owed by the Levetons' post. I suggest it's only fair if you, as its new patron, would compensate the city for its sum. Besides, the road connecting the post with the rest of the world is in a deplorable condition and needs urgent repairs. Since the bigger selection of this road runs through your lands, you should show some care for your subjects and make all repairs, helping to establish trade connections and proving your intention to do more for your citizens than mere tax-collecting. Until the repairs are finished, the trading post stays under Restov's protection.

Waiting your swift reply in words as well as actions,

Swordlord Jamandi Aldori"