Letter From Fredero Sinnet

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Text[edit | edit source]

The expensive monogrammed paper has a faint, tangy smell. The lines in steady, delicate handwriting, are decorated by whismical curves.

"My dear Baron{ess} {player}!

I write these words with a heavy heart. The reason I take up my quill today will most likely upset you. Quite recently I heard rumor that a lost soul, once blessed with mercy of my goddess, has found shelter in your service. I'm speaking of the daughter of one of the most worthy and generous patrons of the Order of the Eternal Rose, who once made a mistake of leaving our ranks. I'm deeply convinced that now is the time for her to return to the path destined her by divine will.

I am now travelling to the west, to the place that's been chosen for the new Temple of Shelyn that will be occupied by one of the young congregations of our chirch. I deemed it necessary to diverge slightly from our path with but one purpose: to arrive in your lands and collect Valerie. May this journey be a cleansing pilgrimage for Shelyn's chosen, whose judgement was clouded by the impulsiveness of youth.

I request that you free Valerie of her vows of service to you, for fate has destined her to serve one who is above us all. Direct the girl to the trading post that's on the border between your barony and Brevoy. There I will be expecting her with my comrades.

I pray for your wisdom and mercy.

With deep respect and regards, Fredero Sinnet"