Korgath's Shackled Fury

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Korgath's Shackled Fury
Lawful characters
Korgath was a half-orc hellknight of the Order of the Nail. Hardly anyone ever saw him remove his armor, and he was recognizable mostly by the belt that never left his waist. His duty was to seek out possible locations for an Order of the Nail outpost in the River Kingdoms, intended to bring law to the savage frontier. Raised by the brutality and cruelty of orcs, he was the epitome of self-loathing, and grew to despise his own kind. At a young age, he ran from his tribe and stumbled across a human blacksmith in a small town outside Korvosa. He was adopted by the man and raised into a fanatical follower of law and justice, joining the Order of the Nail upon adulthood. His belt paradoxically held his savagery in check, while also serving as a reminder of his upbringing. Anytime he encountered a particularly savage beast or fearsome foe, he would tear some of their teeth out and add them to his belt, as a reminder that the savagery within us all must be tamed by any means necessary.
This belt grants a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength, a +5 competence bonus to Persuasion skill checks when used to intimidate, and a -3 penalty to Persuasion skill checks when used for diplomacy. It also allows the wearer to enter rage as a Barbarian for 8 rounds a day. Only Lawful characters can equip Korgath's Shackled Fury.
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Korgath's Shackled Fury is a magic belt in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Found in a container on the second level of Armag's Tomb in the northeastern corner behind a hidden (Perception 35) door and a trap (Perception 32 to spot, Trickery 32 to disarm).