Kabron Tedrim

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Kabron Tedrim
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Secluded Lodge
Witch Hunt

Kabron Tedrim is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Kabron Tedrim is met at the Secluded Lodge during the quest Witch Hunt, while searching for a fleeing Priest of Lamashtu. He is one of the possible suspects, as no one directly saw the priest. He and his wife act suspiciously, but so does every person at the lodge.

At first, both he and his wife claim to have come to the region to hunt, despite not having any hunting gear with them.

Eventually, you discover that he had once successfully defended a necromancer against legal charges, and as a result Pharasma had cursed them to have no children. They actually had traveled to the lodge to seek the help of the Priest of Lamashtu, who might help them have children.