Judgment of the Gods

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Judgment of the Gods
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Linzi Wants to Talk throne room event
Temple of Shelyn
Companion quest
13320 - 15360 xp
Previous Quest
Burning Bridges

Judgment of the Gods is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Trouble has come from out of nowhere: the Order of Prisms, followers of Shelyn, are doing all they can to ruin the barony/kingdom's reputation! We need to do something and stop these well-meaning pests!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Talk to Valerie about the strange letter[edit | edit source]

  • I suspect that the schemes of the Order of Prisms must somehow involve Valerie. – I myself witnessed her furiously tearing up a letter! The last time she got so angry at a piece of correspondence was when she got a message from her former mentor. – Maybe this time it also has to do with the followers of Shelyn?

Ask Valerie about the letter. She tells you how she was demanded to come to the Temple of Shelyn to answer for all her transgressions in front of Shelyn's worthy servants. If you agree to help her - the Temple of Shelyn is revealed. (+1440 xp)

Go to the Temple of Prisms with Valerie[edit | edit source]

  • If the baron/baroness/King/Queen wants to stop rumors harming the reputation of his/her lands, he/she and Valerie will have to pay a visit to this notorious Temple of Prisms – the convent of restless paladins.

Go to the Temple of Shelyn with Val in your party. Buff your party and start a chat with Laryen, the High Priest of Shelyn. If you persuade Valerie not to pass the divine trial (Neutral and Chaotic Neutral options) or attack the priests and paladins (Chaotic Evil option) - everyone attack and the quest fails. What leaves you with only (Lawful Good) option (+1440 xp), if you want the best outcome for Valerie.

Withstand the divine trial[edit | edit source]

  • It's insane: Valerie agreed to a divine trial, to rid herself of Shelyn once and for all... or ask for her forgiveness? Oh, I'll be devoting a whole separate chapter to this dramatic moment in the history of the Stolen Lands!

Basically, the trial determines, how many opponents you will get right afterwards. Best outcome is fighting with Hegend and his men only, while Fredero Sinnet, Laryen, the High Priest of Shelyn and his priests come to your side. At any moment you can refuse to answer and leave, failing the quest and forcing everyone to attack your party. You need to succeed in 2 out of 3 answers for the best outcome. You will be asked about:

    • Duel with Fredero Sinnet: (Should be left alive during Shelyn's Chosen) Need to pass Diplomacy 30 check +720xp - (And yet Valerie observed all the rules...) or Diplomacy 24 check +120xp (We've come to meet with Fredero Sinnet for one reason...)
    • Fire at Jamandi Aldori's Mansion (Should save soldiers from the fire): Diplomacy 30 check +720xp - (I do not agree with Valerie...), Chaotic variant - (Are you seriously going to judge...), (Chaotic Neutral) Bluff 30 (Lie) check +720 xp - (What are you talking about?..)
    • Conflict with Eveld the Silver-Tongued: Diplomacy 30 check +720xp - (You provoked her!..), (Neutral Evil) Intimidate 30 check +720xp - (If I were you...) - to remove Eveld from the fight (anyway he just runs away).

At the end of the trail Valerie's scar disappears and you gain +960 xp

And the fight begins. Not a hard one. After it you get +2160 xp.

Talk to Valerie at the capital[edit | edit source]

  • The baron/baroness/King/Queen and Valerie marked a decisive end to an epic saga involving the Stolen Lands, paladins, and even a goddess! I wonder what Valerie thinks about what happened in the Temple...

Simply talk to Valerie at the capital. You get +7200 xp and end the quest.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

The final word in the old conflict between Valerie and Shelyn's followers was spoken by the goddess herself! The Order of Prisms left the barony/kingdom alone, and Valerie was restored to her ravishing appearance. So what if she keeps saying looks don't matter. Everyone around is happy how it turned out!