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Undead Elf
Neutral Evil
2nd floor of Capital Inn
STR 16

DEX 14
CON --
INT 14
WIS 16
CHA 14
Deity: Urgathoa
Domain: Death
Feats: Toughness
Trained skills: Athletics, Persuasion, Knowledge (Arcana), Lore (Religion), Perception

Investigate My Death
Chase My Shadow
Reveal My Destiny

Jaethal is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A neutral evil undead elven Inquisitor of Urgathoa.

Her favorite meal is Jeweled Rice.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Not long after you obtain your barony Jaethal will want to talk to you about a merchant in town who is selling her old dagger. No matter the options you choose you will be prompted to go to the sycamore to find a dead animal. If you want to buy anything from the merchant you should do so before leaving as he will become unavailable after. He sells various elvish items. Once you find the boar you will be directed to an area by a river. Go there and you will have a battle with some elves. After the battle Jaethal will raise one of the elves making her undead. It is up to you if she lives or dies. You discover the merchant set you up. Going back to town you find he fled. You will catch up to him later after defeating the undead cylcopses. If you don't talk to Jaethal then the quest will time out and the story ends. Sometime after Varnhold vanishing the merchant is spotted by Jaethal's spies. He is chasing a priestes of her faith and asks you to intervene. You need to travel to the valley of the dead to meet her. You have several options after the dialogues which and end up in siding with Jaethal or the merchant. Whoever you side with a battle begins against those you didn't side with. If you side with Jaethal there is one more event with her during the war with Pitax. You will be told that a group of elves is demanding to see Jaethal. If you have followed along you should know they are the ones who banished her. If you go you meet Jaethal's daughter. Once again you have the choice to side with Jaethal or against her. Siding with her causes the death of her daughter and her becoming more powerful. Siding against her causes you to fight Jaethal losing her as a party member. If you have made certain choices and done certain things during her quests, she may come back later in a whole new form.

Starting statistics[edit | edit source]

Jaethal may join your party at the end of the prologue, if you make the evil choice in conversation with Jamandi Aldori. If she doesn't join you in the prologue, you have a chance later to recruit her with a successful Diplomacy check. Jaethal has the following level 1 stats.

Camp Special Role
Undead Guardians. Two undead warriors come to protect Urgathoa's chosen and her allies. They cannot be used as guards in guard shifts, but will fight on the party's side in case of an attack.
Backstory special abilities
Undead Creature, Undying

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