Investigate My Death

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Investigate My Death
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Companion quest

Investigate My Death is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

It turns out that Jaethal, our undead companion, doesn't know who killed her before she rose from the dead. It's unclear if it was even murder at all! All she knows for certain is this: her dagger, which disappeared on the day of her death, has now resurfaced — in the barony's capital, and under strange circumstances. Surely, our baron/baroness can solve this mystery. Let's begin the investigation!

Find the boar carcass near the Old Sycamore[edit | edit source]

  • The traveling merchant, Enneo, claims that he found Jaethal's dagger in a dead boar's carcass near the Old Sycamore. We should examine the area. It might lead to Jaethal's murderer!
  • The wounds on the boar's carcass looked strange. The dagger might have been stuck into it after the animal's death.

Follow the trail to the bank of the Thorn River[edit | edit source]

  • Having examined the wild boar's carcass closely, we found out that the animal was indeed wounded by Jaethal's dagger. But it happened somewhere else, not where we found the carcass, but presumably by the bank of the Thorn River. We must go there and search for more clues!

Repel the attack![edit | edit source]

  • As soon as we got to the river bank, some crazy elves attacked us! We'll have to fight for our lives!

Decide the fate of an elven girl[edit | edit source]

  • We repelled the attack, but then suddenly Jaethal learned to raise the dead. — And she 'revived' an elven girl! Now it's up to the baron/baroness to decide what to do.

Return to the capital and talk to Enneo[edit | edit source]

  • It seems it was Enneo, the merchant who had the dagger, who drew both us and the elves into this story. We should return to the capital and have a little chat with him!
  • The elven girl claims that they did not attack us with evil intent, but only to defend themselves. And of course, they weren't involved in Jaethal's murder. Some half-elf, calling himself the Wanderer, convinced the elves that Jaethal was tracking them down to kill them all!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • After enough time has passed, Jaethal will appear in the throne room with Enneo the Traveling Merchant as her prisoner. The merchant was in the possession of Jaethal's Old Dagger, which she takes to mean that he was involved in her death somehow. To his credit, Enneo denies this flatly and claims he found the dagger in a dead boar at Old Sycamore; Jaethal will stay her retribution for now no matter what the baron/baroness says, but demands to investigate Enneo's story.
  • Travel north to Old Sycamore, and head towards the entrance to the mite section of the Old Sycamore Caves. The boar carcass will be a bit to the east of the ramp. Interacting with the corpse will give the player a few observations:
    • Passing a hidden Lore (Nature) check will reveal that the boar was likely placed in its current location after being killed, and gives an experience reward.
    • [Lore (Nature) 20] Allows the player to dissect the boar and discover that it was likely from a river nearby based on the contents of its stomach. This will reveal the Thorn River Bank on the map.
    • [Perception 17] Allows the player to track a trail of blood to where the boar came from. This will reveal the Thorn River Bank on the map.
  • Heading downstream upon arrival the player will run into a couple dire boars. Near the central boulder is some rubble with an Ancient Rostlandic Coin hidden by a [Perception 12] check.
  • Heading northwest will reveal several [Perception 19] [Trickery 19] traps blocking the path the elves.
  • Once past the traps, the elves will spot the party in a small cutscene. They seem familiar with Jaethal and are prepared to confront her, attacking immediately.
  • After the elves have been killed, Jaethal approaches one of them and without warning raises her as undead. The elf is shocked and appalled by what has been done to her, and begs the player to return her to death. Before making a choice regarding whether the elf should be slain, interrogate her for some more information about why the elves attacked the party. Long story short, Enneo is a liar, and he mislead the elves into believing that Jaethal was after them, and tricked the Jaethal into thinking that the elves had in fact been hunting her.
  • Once the player has all the information they need out of the elf, they will be prompted to either accept that Jaethal has raised the elf as a servant, or demand that Jaethal release her. Releasing the elf causes her to die again immediately, while accepting Jaethal's methods will cause her to send the elf back to Tuskdale.
  • Regardless of the elf girl's fate, the player will need to return to Tuskdale and speak with Jaethal in person to finish out the quest. She will be waiting where Enneo used to stand selling his wares, but the merchant will be gone leaving behind Farewell Note from Enneo. This won't be the last you hear of Enneo, but it will be a while before he shows his hand again.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

This story turned out to be so confusing! Enneo, the half-elf merchant, with whom our investigation began, turned out to be a follower of Pharasma — the kind who devote their lives to hunting down the undead and followers of Urgathoa. It seems that he was Jaethal's original murderer, and tried to do it again — by the hands of those unfortunate elven travelers. So we've found the murderer. But what next?