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The legendary hydra is a beast of vicious hunger and amazing regenerative powers, renowned for its ability to sprout two new heads when one is decapitated. Resembling a collection of snapping serpents atop a thick, coiling lower body that can run up to 20 ft. long, the hydra is an imposing and brutish menace, lairing in the clammy backwaters of the world and devouring any creature smaller than itself. Its scales are as varied in hue as those of any species of snake, from glossy to dull, and from greenish black to crimson, often marked with patterns of stripes, diamonds, and patchworks of color. Some hydras have heads that are more fanged and viperlike, with smooth and supple scales, while others have rugged hides that are leathery in texture, and elongated crocodilian or even draconic visages. Regardless, most hydras posses brightly colored frills or crests, traits they take great pride in and use to intimidate prey as well as to scare off potential predators.

The hydra is not a creature to be trifled with. The only thing worse than meeting one by chance is attempting to turn the tables and actively hunt the hydra. While too dim to understand the human thirst for revenge, a hydra is all too willing to welcome a foolhardy hunter into its coils, adding its prey's remains to its own stock of grisly trophies hung from the branches around its swampy home. It is only the blessing of the gods that such a terror is not made worse with a sharper mind.