House at the Edge of Time

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You access this location through a portal in Castle of Knives during the main quest Against All Odds.


  • It is highly recommended to complete all companion quests before entering(except Kanerah/Kalikke's last quest), as they have direct impact on the characters dying forever or surviving.
  • You will be separated from all non generic characters when you enter this location and will have to find them throughout the dungeon.
  • This dungeon functions by transitioning between 2 version of the dungeon. Every location/room in this dungeon as a duplicate with different enemies/treasures. Every time you travel through mist, you are also changing world/version of this dungeon.
  • This can be the last dungeon depending on the ending you will be getting depending on your choices throughout the game.
  • Once you enter this location you will not be able to come out and will lose access to other vendors except for Issili's limited items and Arsinoe's during The Cursed King/Queen quest(so will Issili and possibly the Goblin Merchant if alive with the same items as Issili).

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