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Hit Points is a statistic in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Hit points represent how robust and healthy a creature is. Wounds subtract hit points, while healing (both natural and magical) restores hit points.

Source[edit | edit source]

Hit points are gained based on class or type of creature. Each time a new level is gained, a number of hit points based on class is added to the maximum amount, plus an amount equal to the creature's Constitution modifier. The base amount gained per level is based on the amount of focus the class has on physical combat, with the more martial classes such as barbarian, fighter, and paladin receiving more.

Temporary Hit Points[edit | edit source]

Some abilities and spells grant temporary hit points that disappear after a certain duration. Attacks will normally remove temporary hit points before they remove permanent ones.

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Effects[edit | edit source]

When a creature's hit points drop below 0, it becomes unconscious, sometimes known as disabled. When a creature's hit points reach a negative total equal to its Constitution score, it dies.