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Chaotic Neutral
STR 14

CON 16
INT 10
WIS 18
CHA 10
Deity: Groetus
Domains: Chaos, Destruction
Channel energy: Positive
Feats: Armor Proficiency (Heavy Armor)
Trained skills: Lore (Religion), Perception

Unwanted Legacy

Harrim is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Chaotic neutral dwarven cleric of Groetus. As the servant of a dark god, he's fond of speeches. Like: "Abandon hope and embrace the inevitable." That's the kind of speech that Harrim's companions must endure. Every. Single. Day. A priest of Groetus, Harrim left his dwarven home to spread the word of the God of End Times throughout the Stolen Lands. Although if you ask me, Harrim's just a whiner – a one of a kind!

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Harrim can be appointed to the court position of High Priest.

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Harrim is a Cleric Groetus and as such will try to preach his religion often. He will often tell everyone about how great the end is. He is also very angry at Torag the god of most dwarves for 'cursing' him to be unable to create anything. He claims the metal would fall apart in his hands. After obtaining your barony he asks for you to take him to see the dwarves ruins throughout the land. Nothing special happens until you reach the trolls lair. The anvil that they have been using to make the trolls invulnerable to fire is very interesting to him. It causes him a lot ok anger and he breaks it in half with his bare hands. If you can get him to strike it again you get 'The Heart of the Anvil'. After a while a dwarf will come asking for assistance. Harrim will insist he comes along. Upon reaching the area you have to fight a golem which Harrim once again breaks. You get another jewel which you should give away as it is later made into a nice helmet when you finish Harrim's quests if you choose to save the dwarves. Lastly a golem will come to your throne room and collapse. Harrim will suggest to go and check on the dwarves who have awoken a ghost using the golems. You can fight the golems and choose to break the throne or leave it. Not sure what happens if you leave it but breaking it saves the dwarves who later give you a nice helmet made from the jewel you gave to them.

Starting statistics[edit | edit source]

Harrim may join your party at the end of the prologue, if you make the chaotic choice in conversation with Jamandi Aldori. If he doesn't join you in the prologue, you have a chance later to recruit him with a successful Diplomacy check. Harrim has the following level 1 stats.

Camp Special Role
Blend into the Night: Harrim's gloomy mood and love of solitude mystically reduces the party's chances of attracting monsters and enemies. The chance of attack decreases for every guard shift that begins during the night.
Personal Favorite Meal
Haggis. +3 Will Saves for one day.