Hand of the Technic League

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Hand of the Technic League
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Companion quest

Hand of the Technic League is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Stolen Lands are full of danger — and not just the usual ones, like bandits and monsters. Our neighboring countries are happy to make trouble for us, too! This time, we've got some guests in from Numeria — a group of Technic League mages. This sinister, powerful organization dabbles in various shady businesses, not the least of which is the slave trade! But why did they come here?

Follow Kalannah's trail[edit | edit source]

  • A group from the Technic League, led by a woman named Kalannah, attacked us and tried to take us as slaves! We fought them off, of course, but Kalannah managed to escape. We can't let such dangerous people wander freely out there — we'll find their camp and kick their tails all the way back to Numeria!

Defeat Kalannah[edit | edit source]

  • The Technic League's camp is just ahead. These look to be some dangerous scoundrels — just look at those frowny bandit mugs! Fortunately, they don't seem to be expecting visitors. We'll deal with these despicable slavers and their leader!

Outcome[edit | edit source]

The slavers got what they deserved, and we gained some new companions! Octavia and Regongar were imprisoned by the Technic League for a long time, and they were happy to join our team once we'd rescued them. This is great! It's always more fun doing things together — traveling, singing songs by the fire, and my favorite: fighting villains!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This quest is obtained through a random encounter while traveling in the western Outskirts. The player's party is initially stopped on a Swamp Road by Kalannah and a group of slavers working for the Technic League.
    • After the slavers have been stopped and Kalannah has teleported away, the part will be given an array of skill check options as they attempt to leave the area:
      1. A [Knowledge (Arcana) 20] check to understand the type of spell Kalannah used.
      2. A [Knowledge (World) 15] check to try and find anyone who has seen the Technic League.
      3. A [Lore (Nature) 18] check to try and follow the physical trail left by the slavers.
  • Succeeding with the [Knowledge (Arcana)] and [Knowledge (World)] checks will lower the DC of the [Lore (Nature)] by 2 each time, to a minimum of 14.
  • Success or failure of the [Lore (Nature)] check will end in the same result: the Technic League Encampment will be revealed on your world map. The difference is whether the party earned experience for locating the encampment or not.
  • The Technic League Encampment can be reached by traveling east from the Temple of the Elk, or by traveling a just a bit to the west of Thorn Ford if the party is coming from anywhere else.
  • While the Technic League may have had the upper hand in the party's first run in with her, it's Kalannah's turn to be caught off guard. Traveling due north of where the party arrives on the map you will be able to spot a couple Technic League slavers making patrols. Without any backup they'll fall fairly easily, and the player may then release Regongar and Octavia, adding a potent pair of allies for the next encounter; it would be a good idea to buff the party before untying the two lovers as they will immediately run off to confront Kalannah. The chest next to Regongar and Octavia requires a [Trickery 10] check to open.
  • Kalannah herself will fall over quickly if she is focused, which is recommended since she will has the ability to summon more enemies onto the battlefield. After her compatriots have been killed, she will try to convince the player to allow her to live. Sparing or killing her comes down to an array of alignment choices which can be broken down to two basic outcomes: sparing Kalannah will prevent the player from collecting her equipment, namely her Headband of Vast Intelligence +2, but will add a future interaction in Regongar and Octavia's hunt for Maestro Janush, while killing Kalannah with provide the player with her equipment and may grant some immediate gratification for dealing swift justice.
  • Regongar and Octavia may be added to the party immediately after dealing with Kalannah; Octavia is the only full arcane caster in the game, and while her dip into rogue may be inconvenient early on, it will give her access to all skills as class skills, and make the prestige class Arcane Trickster a very strong choice later on, not to mention that her bonus sneak attack damage is surprisingly powerful in the early game.