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Freebooter is an Archetype of the Ranger class in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Description[edit | edit source]

A freebooter is a natural leader, a pirate who works well with a variety of people and in a variety of roles. Her specialized combat tactics help organize and direct a crew, and freebooters’ talents are in high demand. Most freebooters work as independent agents. A freebooter signs on with a crew when she feels the urge to travel, and often moves to a new ship when her contract ends.

Base Features[edit | edit source]

Ranger Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

A ranger is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Freebooter's Bane[edit | edit source]

At 1st level, the freebooter can, as a move action, indicate an enemy in combat and rally her allies to focus on that target. The freebooter and her allies gain a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against the target. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th level), the bonus increases by 1. The freebooter's bane lasts until the target dies or the freebooter selects a new target.

Freebooter's Bond[edit | edit source]

At 4th level, a freebooter forms a bond with her crewmates. This bond allows her to spend a move action to grant her allies extra combat prowess when they work as a team. All allies within 30 feet who can see or hear the freebooter gain an additional +2 bonus on attack rolls when flanking for 1 minute.

Combat Style Feat[edit | edit source]

At 2nd level, a ranger must select one combat style to pursue.

The ranger's expertise manifests in the form of bonus feats at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level. He can choose feats from his selected combat style, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites.

Favored Terrain[edit | edit source]

At 3rd level, a ranger may select a type of terrain. The ranger gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge: World, Lore: Nature, Perception, and Stealth skill checks when he is in this terrain.

At 8th level and every five levels thereafter, the ranger may select an additional favored terrain. In addition, at each such interval, the skill bonus and initiative bonus in any one favored terrain (including the one just selected, if so desired), increases by +2.

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Character can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If a character makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage. A helpless character does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Improved Evasion[edit | edit source]

This ability works like evasion, except that while the character still takes no damage on a successful Reflex saving throw against attacks, he henceforth takes only half damage on a failed save. A helpless character does not gain the benefit of improved evasion.

Camouflage[edit | edit source]

A ranger of 12th level or higher can use the Stealth skill to hide in any of his favored terrains, even while being observed.

Master Hunter[edit | edit source]

A ranger of 20th level becomes a master hunter. He can always move at full speed while using Survival to follow tracks without penalty. He can, as a standard action, make a single attack against a favored enemy at his full attack bonus. If the attack hits, the target takes damage normally and must make a Fortitude save or die. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the ranger's level + the ranger's Wisdom modifier. A ranger can choose instead to deal an amount of nonlethal damage equal to the creature's current hit points. A successful save negates this damage. A ranger can use this ability once per day against each favored enemy type he possesses, but not against the same creature more than once in a 24-hour period.

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