Fangberry for Bokken

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Fangberry for Bokken
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Oleg's Trading Post

Fangberry for Bokken is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Gather fangberry in the spider cave and bring it to Bokken before it spoils. But beware of the spiders! Bokken said that those in the cave are \extremely mean\.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

We can cross out this task.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Travel southeast from Oleg's Trading Post to Fangberry Cave, which will be revealed on the world map after receiving this quest from Bokken.
  • The cave exterior can be explored to find some minor loot and encounter a few Young Deer and Monitor Lizards
  • The interior of the cave is home to several Giant Spiders and a handful of Spider Swarms. The former are your only obstacle to the Fangberry bush, while the latter can be encountered in the tunnel just past the Fangberry bush.
  • To collect the Fangberries requires a [Lore (Nature) 20[ check to harvest without taking damage. Failing the check requires to player to make the check again, and will deal 1d6 piercing damage to the party member attempting to pick the berries.
  • If the party continues down the tunnel past the Fangberry bush, they will need to battle several swarms, though not all at once. Swarms are nuisance enemies; what they lack in hit points they make up for by automatically dealing damage to any target whose space they pass through or occupy, forcing saves against attribute drains every time they deal damage, and being immune to all forms of physical damage.
  • Defeating the spider swarms will be difficult for the unprepared party: summons can be used to distract swarms from reaching the party and dealing attribute damage that would otherwise need to be healed through means such as a Restoration, Lesser spell or potion or by resting. Ideally an arcane caster will have access to an elemental spell such as Burning Hands or Scorching Ray, or failing that all arcane casters have access to a handful of orisons such as Snowball. If the party decided to hang on to a few flasks of Alchemist's Fire that will do the trick as well, and an Everburning Torch will deal 1 point of fire damage per hit, but will risky to use since that requires being in melee range of the swarms.