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Dragn is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A dwarven artisan, a blacksmith from the Woradash clan, who came to you demanding compensation for your use of the Road of Shields and its Fortresses. Known as the Grumbler where he is from.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Dragn will automatically call on the Baron{ess} once the South Narlmarches are annexed. He comes to the Capital and later you can meet him again at your capital or in the city you build in the South Narlmarches.

See the Onslaught quest for his artisan masterpiece.

Artisan items[edit | edit source]

Type Item Tier
Axe Mayhem 0
Serrator 2
Tempest 3
Lava Forged Axe 5
Crossbow Ankle Breaker 0
Escapist's Crossbow 2
Greater Sting 4
Hammer Warhammer of Hatred 0
Torpor 1
Fireborn Warhammer 5
Dwarven item Opportunist's Dwarven Waraxe 0
Preacher's Warhammer 3
Mark of the Guardian 5
Plate armor Dragonscale Plate 0
Half-Plate of Hatred 1
Crusader's Mithral Full Plate 3
Death Crusher's Full Plate 4
Shield Blessed Defense 0
Bashing Shield 1
Ironclad Will 2
Unbreakable Bastion 4

When Dragn comes to your capital to present you with an item, you can request a specific type of item as the next project. The next item will be chosen from that type in the list above. See Artisans#Gameplay for more information on how the game chooses an item. Note that even though the items listed under the Dwarven item type match the types of Dragn's other categories, you cannot get those specific items by requesting those types of items. You can only get them by requesting a dwarvish style item.