Draconic Bloodline

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At some point in your family's history, a dragon interbred with your bloodline, and now its ancient power flows through your veins.

Black Dragon – Acid[edit | edit source]

Lording over the darkest swamps and marshes, black dragons are the undisputed masters of their domain, ruling through cruelty and intimidation. Those who dwell within a black dragon's reach live in fear.

Blue Dragon – Electricity[edit | edit source]

Blue dragons are consummate schemers and obsessively orderly. In combat, blue dragons prefer to surprise foes if possible, and are not above retreating if the odds turn against them.

Brass Dragon – Fire[edit | edit source]

Consummate conversationalists, brass dragons prefer to talk instead of fight.

Bronze Dragon – Electricity[edit | edit source]

Bronze dragons have been known to ally with travelers and adventurers if the cause and reward is right and just.

Copper Dragon – Acid[edit | edit source]

Copper dragons are whimsical and spend most of their time in combat trying to annoy and frustrate their enemies.

Gold Dragon – Fire[edit | edit source]

Gold dragons are the epitome of virtue. Other metallic dragons revere their gold cousins as the agents of divine forces and the paragons of dragonkind, and often seek them for advice or aid.

Green Dragon – Acid[edit | edit source]

Green dragons dwell in the ancient forests of the world, prowling under towering canopies in search of prey. Of all the chromatic dragons, green dragons are perhaps the easiest to deal with diplomatically.

Red Dragon – Fire[edit | edit source]

Few creatures are more cruel and fearsome than the mighty red dragon. King of the chromatics, this terrible beast brings ruin and death to the lands that fall under its shadow.

Silver Dragon – Cold[edit | edit source]

Of all the dragons, silvers are the most courageous, holding themselves to a chivalrous code to help the weak, defeat evil, and behave in an honorable manner.

White Dragon – Cold[edit | edit source]

Although most consider it to be the weakest and most feral of the chromatic dragons, the white dragon makes up for its lack of cunning with sheer ferocity.

Bonus Feats[edit | edit source]


Great Fortitude

Improved Initiative

Power Attack

Metamagic (Quicken Spell)

Skill Focus (Mobility)

Skill Focus (Knowledge Arcana)