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Dorsy is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dorsy was once an inhabitant of the village located in the Swamp Witch's Hut. Dorsy was engaged to marry another villager, Nyta, when a local dryad queen by the name of Callitropsia appeared before her. The two quickly planned to be wed themselves as Nyta broke off her engagement with Dorsy; whether this sudden infatuation occurred naturally or Callitropsia charmed Nyta is lost to the ages. Enraged by the loss of his betrothed, Dorsy unwittingly invoked an ancient curse against Callitropsia and Wilber. When the curse took hold, the dryad was transformed into the creature now known as the Scythe Tree, and she proceeded to kill Nyta, whose body was whisked away by other fey and remains in a state of gentle repose to this day. Wilber died as a result of the curse, though Nyta had invoked the same curse and it is unclear whose curse killed him first.

Dorsy learned of the curses used to transform Callitropsia and kill Wilber from a maiden in a dream that he had, perhaps implying that Nyrissa had a hand in this tragedy as she appeared before the player during a dream as well.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Dorsy can begin the quest Coins for a Dead Man's Eyes. He may be attacked and killed by the player before completing the quest, and will attack the player after the quest is completed if the player used the Coin with Wilber's Name to release Wilber from undeath. Despite this, Dorsy also flatly refuses to allow the coins to be used on him instead of Wilber, and the player must force the coins onto his eyes, at which point he will die. Strangely this will reward the player with a Cloak of Resistance +2 which will not drop from Dorsy if he is killed in any other manner.

Loot[edit | edit source]