Diary of Farnirras the Pensive

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Diary of Farnirras the Pensive
64 x 64
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Magical Prison
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Diary of Farnirras the Pensive is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

The diary is badly damaged, and some of its pages are torn out. The surviving fragments are written in a neat, large-lettered handwriting.


With each passing day, I am even more glad of moving to this wild place. Yes, I have none of the comforts of the imperial cities, but the wilderness has its charm! Whenever I go out to the lake, I always witness some picturesque scene - like nixies, playing with a flock of elementals in the coastal waters. When evening comes, parades of Will-o'-wisps are pulled to my doorstep, dancing under the windows of the tower, making the night is as bright as the day, and always smelling of a thunderstorm. I can just watch their games, or lazily throw lightning at them from the balcony. It's only just for fun - these creatures are nearly immune to magic, but they are very funny to observe when they sparkle and grow angry, realizing they challenge me at their peril."


Despite all my efforts, the last of the thieves who broke into the tower has died. Its my fault, of course - I must configure the guardian golem better. The thief kept cursing me in three languages to his last breath. I didn't understand half of his threats. Something about the worst enemy that is already at my door. In the name of all the doorsteps of Iobaria, I came to this wilderness to get away from all this! But the hotheads still find you, push themselves into trouble, and then curse you while you try to heal their wounds. It's such a shame."


This is odd, but the guardian golem isn't working. It's not destroyed, but quite disabled. And of course I don't have even a tenth of what I'd need for repairs. What could have happened? I checked the whole tower, and all the protective spells - but I cannot find anything amiss."


The body disappeared. Right from the tower cellar - and the only one who could get down there is me. Well, I can certainly be distracted now and again, but this is still most strange."


I wonder what I shall do with the elven girl who I rescued from the wyvern. Her mind seems to be failing. She follows my every step, asks strange questions, and she always asks, if I sleep well at night. Thank you, I'm not complaining! Well, at least her wounds are not so serious. A little more magic, and she'll be as good as new."


I haven't opened this diary for nearly a month. I've been too busy with my investigation. Strange events have followed each other. A fire in my achemical warehouse. The loss of the artifacts. Again and again, I test new combination of protective spells, but all in vain. Something is stalking my tower, leaving no trace and easily breaking through every protection. I cannot imagine what skill and power this creature must possess. Also, I cannot comprehend, why - owninig such a great power - it still hasn't kill me."


I do not sleep well at night. Sometimes I pass out in the middle of the day, and return to consciousness on the floor of the laboratory, or on the ground just past the doorstep."


...I'm a fool. I should have listened more carefully to what the dying thief said! I know what's after me. And I don't have much time to figure out how to fight it."

Source[edit | edit source]

Found together with the Unholy Flail +4, The Key to the Magical Prison and Message from the laboratory of Farnirras in the hidden (in your Capital) underwell laboratory of Farnirras after the Uncanny Well throne room event.