Deal with the Devil

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Deal with the Devil
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Hellknights Arrived at the Castle throne room event
Secluded Lodge
Chapter quest
5160-6960 xp and 10000-70000Coin.png, depending on your choices

Deal with the Devil is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The dangerous criminal Darven is hiding somewhere in our barony! Linxia, a hellknight from Cheliax, is pursuing him — and again, it's happening right here in our barony! Suddenly our quiet (though was it ever truly quiet?) barony has turned into a buzzing beehive. And it's only the beginning!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest is a rather strange one. You can not just refuse it or drop it at any stage. But what's the most remarkable - if you side with the Hellknigts - you get no reward in the end. Only obscenities and threats from Linxia. And siding with Daven has no drawbacks. At all. Bite the bullet.

Await the conclusion of Linxia's investigation[edit | edit source]

  • The hellknight Linxia is searching our capital for Darven, a wanted fugitive! Hunting criminals is a noble business, but still I feel a little uncomfortable. I don't know about the baron/baroness/King/Queen, but this woman gives me shivers.

After receiving this quest, you start to get warnings, that Linxia is terrifying your subjects. To resolve that - go to the main square of your capital. There you immediately see Linxia beating one of your subjects. A conversation starts. Then you can allow her continue her investigation (Lawful Evil option, for which you do not get xp) or... ALL other options lead to the same result: You get some obscenities from her, then she leaves to continue investigation without your permission. (+360 xp)

Await further developments[edit | edit source]

  • Linxia was going about her investigation, interrogating our subjects (!), breaking into their homes (!!), and burning their books (is she completely out of her mind, or what!?!) — but of course, our baron/baroness couldn't allow this. Linxia seems to have halted her investigation. But for how long?

After some time (about two months - may vary), during which the event "Linxia keeps interrogating your subjects" hangs there, granting you periodical decrease of kingdom stats, you just meet Darven, when you walk out of your throne room to the central square. After a small chat he offers you a bribe to deal with the Hellknights and tells you their current location (Secluded Lodge). IMPORTANT!: basically, here you choose sides and define your future reward. But at first, you can bargain a bit. Diplomacy 26 - for 15000 Coin.png and +240 xp or Diplomacy 32 - for 20000Coin.png and +1440 xp. (+360 xp)

Talk to Linxia[edit | edit source]

  • While Linxia was looking for Darven, Darven found us. The deal he offered looks tempting, but I have no idea what our baron/baroness is going to do. In any case, Linxia's investigation must be put to an end as soon as possible. Otherwise, this fanatic will leave half the barony in ruins. We should travel to the Secluded Lodge on the edge of the southern Narlmarches.

The talk is going to be very short and meaningless. Moreover, it's a set-up by Darven and NO MATTER, what you say, you WILL fight with the Hellknights

Defeat the hellknights[edit | edit source]

  • I knew from the very beginning that this would end in a fight! Well, if it's meant to be, so be it! Let's show those book burners that they should never have come to our lands!

When Linxia suffers enough beating, she teleports away, summoning more Hellknights (+480 xp) Talk to Darven after the fight. You recieve the discussed above sum of money (10000Coin.png - 20000Coin.png). (+480 xp)

Await further developments[edit | edit source]

  • Darven has disappeared again. (What's wrong with that fellow?) And Linxia's gone with him. (I mean, they disappeared separately, but they both disappeared at the same time... oh, I'll have to rewrite this later.) Anyway, we have no other option but to be patient again. But I'm sure this story isn't over yet.

About a month later you recieve a letter of invitation to Brineheart (which is now revealed) from Darven or Linxia (depends on previous choices) and (+720 xp).

Go to Brineheart[edit | edit source]

  • Our old friends Darven and Linxia are at each other's throats again — and this time is seems quite serious. We'll have to go to Darven's city to sort everything out and make sure everyone gets what they deserve.

Go to Brineheart, that appears far south from your Capital. You are welcomed by a brawl between Hellknights of the Rack and Darven's mercenaries. So fight your way to the meeting with Linxia and Darven. That is the final decision with whom and against whom you are pals. No peaceful resolution possible. That starts "Defeat Darven" or "Defeat Linxia" stage of the quest respectively. (+720 xp)

Defeat Darven[edit | edit source]

  • Darven is a runaway criminal, he deserves punishment. It's time to deal with him once and for all!

If you sided with Darven before, now suddenly decided to fight against him and win, you still can kill Linxia, leaving Darven alive for a final conversation (+25000Coin.png reward, +2400 xp). If you sided with Darven and changed your mind, prepare that in the end Linxia will call you an "unworthy ruler", giving you no reward. It's up for you to take it as a compliment or not. Anyway, you get +2400 xp.

Defeat Linxia[edit | edit source]

  • Linxia tried to establish her own rules here, and kept getting on our nerves. It's time to explain to that book-burner that she's not welcome here.

If you sided with Darven before and made no attempts of reversal, you get 50000Coin.png from him. If you don't kill or expel Darven after that, you also receive Brineheart as a neighbor and ally with its rather good shop. (+2400 xp)

Outcome[edit | edit source]

The story of the conflict between Darven and Linxia ended with the absolute victory of our leader! From this story, one can draw some interesting conclusions: don't make any agreements with suspicious persons (especially Mammon). Hellknights are extremely tough, and it's best not to stand in their way. And most importantly — our leader is much tougher than all of them combined!