Cloak of the Lion

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Cloak of the Lion
A knight's motto is embroider on the underlay: 'She, Who Casts Off Her Fear, Disarms The Evil.'
This cloak gives its wearer a +3 resistance bonus on all saving throws. If the wearer is Lawful Good, this bonus is increased to +5. If the wearer is a paladin, they gain an ability to spend one use of their Smite Evil ability to grant all allies in the range of 20 feet immunity to fear effects for the number of rounds equal to the wearer's paladin level.
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Cloak of the Lion is a magical cloak in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Source[edit | edit source]

Rewarded by Injured Dragon in City of Hollow Eyes (Varnhold's Lot DLC) during the Varnhold's Lot DLC and can be bought back from the Goblin Merchant during the main game.