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Level: -
64 x 64
One enemy creature within 0** feet.
Use Time
Standard action

Charge is an ability in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Charging is a special action that allows you to move up to double your normal speed and attack during the same action.

You must move before your attack, not after. You must move at least 10 feet, directly toward the designated opponent.

You must have a clear path toward the designated opponent.

After moving, you may make a single melee attack. You get a +2 bonus on the attack roll and take a -2 penalty to your AC until the beginning of your next turn.

EXPLANATION OF USAGE!!!: Charge is very situational. First, you must have a line of sight to the opponent at the start of your turn. Second, all the path toward the opponent must be clear: no obstacles on your way to the opponent till the end point, which is the space, from where you can attack the opponent. Third - nothing should hinder your movement (for ex.: difficult terrain). If this space near the opponent is occupied or otherwise blocked, you can’t charge. If any line from your starting space to the ending space passes through a square that blocks movement, slows movement, or contains a creature (even an ally) - still no charge. The only exception being helpless creatures - they are meant as empty space for the means of charge.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug icon.png The ingame description of 0 feet distance of "Charge" is a complete misinfo. You should have a distance at least 10 feet between you and opponent. The real possible distance for "Charge" is much longer. (Last Version:2.0.8)