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Build Points (BP) are the realm's main resource. They are required for settlement upgrades, construction, project management, and so on.

The realm treasury's weekly income is 30 BP, sent by Jamandi Aldori from Brevoy. Apart from that, your territories have their own individual income, which consists of their basic income plus other BP sources.

  • Basic income depends on your realm's stats. Each rank adds 1 BP per point to the weekly income, but the total a rank contributes to basic income cannot exceed the profitability of your Economy.
Example: The barony's Economy rank equals 3, and it adds 3 BP to the weekly income. The Population rank equals 5, but it cannot add more than 3 BP to the weekly income due to the realm's Economy.
  • All other BP sources, such as trade agreements, are added to the basic income as is.
  • Half of the realm's income, except the initial 30 BP, is sent to Brevoy. You will be able to claim independence from Brevoy to retain the full BP income but lose the initial 30 BP income later during the game.