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Usable item
One creature within touch range.
Caster Level
The wood of this artifact is warm to the touch, and it trembles as though alive. It emanates whispering and crying, barely audible, right on the edge of perception. Touching the handle imparts a storm or emotions, ranging from ecstatic joy to bitter yearning.
Briar is surrounded by a great mystery. It definitely possesses significant magical power, but its true value becomes known only once you study the history of the artifact's origin. The Briar was created from a portion of the nymph Nyrissa's soul by an Eldest of the First World. It was then hidden from her in a cave beneath the Old Sycamore. For thousands of years, Nyrissa desperately searched for it, filling the Stolen Lands with chaos and suffering in the process. The emergence of this artifact, after its thousand-year oblivion, is an event all its own. The Briar is a symbol of the desperate search for lost, distant hope and rebellion against higher powers.
You can strike your enemy with this item as a melee touch attack. This will affect the target in an unpredictable way.
1 lbs. 2,750 Coin.png

Briar is a magic item in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

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Drops from Irovetti in Pitax Royal Palace