Bracers of Armor

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Bracers of Armor
These heavily armored bracers surround the wearer with an invisible but tangible field of force.
These bracers grant their wearer an armor bonus of +{x}, just as though they were wearing armor.

Like most bonuses, an armor bonus does not stack with armor bonuses from different sources, such as bonuses from wearing armor or from Mage Armor spell.
0.1 lbs. 250 to 16,000 Coin.png

Bracers of Armor is a magic forearm item in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Image Bonus Source Value
BracersofArmor.png +1 250Coin.png
BracersofArmor2.png +2 1,000Coin.png
BracersofArmor3.png +3 2,250Coin.png
BracersofArmor4.png +4 4,000Coin.png
BracersofArmor5.png +5 6,250Coin.png
BracersofArmor6.png +6 9,000Coin.png
BracersofArmor7.png +7 12,250Coin.png
BracersofArmor8.png +8 16,000Coin.png