Bloodstained Piece of a Manuscript

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Bloodstained Piece of a Manuscript
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Bloodstained Piece of a Manuscript is a document in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"...crushing bone. Hear me. Each word I speak shall turn to stone. The world shall shudder at my word. Open your eyes and see. The world becomes beautiful. Burnt forests stretching to the horizon. Mounds of bodies. Blackened skies. Skulls littering the coasts like gravel. I, the one who renders the flesh of her enemies, take in this beauty. All living beings tremble at my sight. Bow to me. Search. Search the children of Shelyn. Tear them apart. Destroy them. No. Transform them. Grant them the gift of rebirth. Let them become beautiful. Befitting the beauty I shall bring into this world. Oh Great Lamashtu, the eater of hearts, reveal your truth to us. We hear your call. All of you shall live in a better world. Curse Pazuzu. The flying worm. He shall fall in this war. Soon. Myriads of warriors under my command. The mountains themselves shall crumble at our feet. Burn all. Make the world beautiful. The ground thirsts for blood. I thirst for beauty. Give birth to beasts. I shall..."

Source[edit | edit source]

Found on the body of Priest of Lamashtu after fighting him at the Shrine of Lamashtu.