Bartholomew's Diary

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Bartholomew's Diary
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Bartholomew's Diary is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

This is the title page of a diary, covered with crudely scratched symbols. There are numerous smears, worn spots, cuts and burns on it. Bartholomew obviously isn't a tidy type.

The leather cover is spotted with acid burns, page [sic] edges are tattered. There are four symbols carved on: the first one is "B", three others stand separately "I&I". If "B" stands for the name "Bartholomew", what does this "I&I" mean? Interesting...

"The Great Experiment, Day 104

I've burned all the previous notes – too embarrassed to remember what a complete fool I was. But now that I've got the creature – I call it Dimwit – everything is going to be all right. Studying the troll's ability to regenerate will lead me to my ultimate goal.

The Great Experiment, Day 112

Got a reason to celebrate! While determining Dimwit's pain threshold, I found out it practically has no such thing. Wounds, broken bones, amputations and the rest of the perils of a warrior's or mage's life – for a troll these are no threat at all. The trick is to avoid getting carried away while working with fire or acid, so that impact spots will heal in several days. Amazing!

Too bad I didn't dare to buy it at the very beginning of my Way.

The Great Experiment, Day 125

Staying in bed for the second day after the Incident. Serves me right! I got a trifle too excited and came a bit too close to Dimwit. The beast bit my arm! Then it started shouting something like "Borba! Borba!" I wonder what that means... if anything at all.

The wounded hand is still sore. It even hurts to write this! I HATE PAIN SO MUCH!

The Great Experiment, Day 127

Here I am, lying in bed and thinking about how different we are. My unique intellect against its unbearable animalistic stupidity. At the same time, its regeneration and some...chthonic endure tortures and heal wounds against my human fragility and intolerance to pain.

It's ok. I'll find the way to get what I need.

The Great Experiment, Day 129

I got overzealous. Regeneration of three simultaneously amputated limbs proved to be an extremely slow process, all the resources of the troll's strength are barely enough for it to go on... And I probably shouldn't have used fire. In the wild environment and without my elixirs, the creature would be long dead.

I will continue my experiments in three days or so. I feel I'm close now. A few more efforts and I will really become Invulnerable & Invincible."

Source[edit | edit source]

Found in the laboratory at the Lone House.