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Bandit's Letter
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Bandit's Letter is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


"Hey, sis!

We're rich. We've gotten lucky after all. If we play our cards right, we'll finally be able to quit running around the woods, we'll piss on the damned boss and his gang, go to Brevoy and live as happy as pigs in shit. The point is: you must take care, you know very well what these fellas do to those who try to con them. And we are going to con them hard, sunshine!

See, while you were away, we caught this dwarf. All dressed up like a dog's dinner, fancy mail armor, tall tales – one could immediately see he was the city mouse. He kept on treating us like dirt until we'd set his beard on fire – after that he started spilling his guts in no time.

Long story short, his ancestors – Fortash-or-something – the ones who built the ancient tower – had hidden some real treasure inside. And, you see, he decided to return there after several centuries to claim his family fortune, all alone, with no guards – it made me laugh my ass off. He had no idea about the exact place where that treasure was hidden, but he brought the key to open the place – a white metal thingy, something like a cog. When the fellas heard about the treasure, they literally started rubbing their hands together, and I thought to myself: well, what happens when we find it? The boss seizes the lion's share, and we are left with meager peanuts!

All these things considered, I snatched the key away while the rest of the gang was sleeping, and made it look like the dwarf had run away with it. The fellows have been running across the woods since then, searching for the midget but they'll have to search really hard, I buried him rather deep. They stay away from the tower for now – what might they do there without a key? So, make use of it. When you return, do not go to the camp – go to our place instead, I've hidden the cog in the hollow of the tree trunk. You know which one I mean. Take it – and get to the tower, look around and find what you can open with it. You're smart, you'll manage. Take away all these dwarves have hidden, and... well, I don't have to tell you what to do next.

Be careful, don't blow up our best chance!




Found on a body near the Ruined Watchtower.