Anoriel Eight Eyes

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Anoriel Eight Eyes
True Neutral
Oleg's Trading Post
The Beer Mug Inn
House at the Edge of Time

Anoriel Eight Eyes is a character in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Anoriel originally appears inside Oleg Leveton's trading post next to Svetlana Leveton after the player deals with the bandit threat and rests. Later she moves to The Beer Mug Inn in the capital city. Anoriel provides custom companion creation services via the dialogue choice "I need loyal and experience fighters". In addition, Anoriel provides respec services via the Pathfinder Society.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A washed up elven ranger and veteran adventurer who has retired from the Pathfinder Society. She still retains her contacts and is willing to hire on adventurers as custom companions.

Anoriel used to be a member of the famed Pathfinder team the Reckless Six, but is the only one to survive an ill-fated expedition to the catacombs of Gallowspire in the Immortal Principality of Ustalav. She will share more of the downfall of her team as the player levels up.

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Recruit Custom Companions[edit | edit source]

Talk with Anoriel to recruit custom companions. The price per companion scales with main character level. It does not appear to increase with companion count.

When recruiting a new companion; their experience will be set to the minimum for the level they are purchased regardless of difficulty regarding xp distribution.

Level Price(G)
1 500
2 2,000
3 4,500
4 8,000
5 12,500
6 18,000
7 24,500
8 32,000
9 40,500
10 50,000
Level Price(G)
11 60,500
12 72,000
13 84,500
14 98,000
15 112,500
16 128,000
17 144,500
18 162,000
19 180,500
20 200,000

If the player holds off on leveling from 1 to 2 until meeting Anoriel they can get the cheapest price for companions.

Respec Services[edit | edit source]

Talk with Anoriel to respec player-created characters and story companions. The first three respecs are free. If respeccing a player-created character it returns to the character creations screen. In which you can respec all aspects of the character. If respecing a story companion, the companion will default to their original level of acquisition.

Level Price(G)
1 Free
2 Free
3 Free
4 10,000
5 20,000
6 30,000
7 40,000
8 50,000
9 60,000
10 70,000

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug icon.png Possible bug: While the conversation says it requires 500g for a mercenary at level 1, you will only be deducted 100g.

Each time you respec a character, it places their starting gear in the inventory, allowing infinite gold generation at early levels.