Along the Cold Trail

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Along the Cold Trail
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Along the Cold Trail is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

It's hard searching for missing people in these inhospitable lands – you're just as likely to end up lost yourself. We should ask for help, but from whom?

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Talk to the Numerian barbarians[edit | edit source]

  • A tribe of Kellid barbarians from Numeria have set up camp in the hills. What are they doing here? We should pay them a visit and find out what they know about the fate of Varnhold. They aren't known for their peaceful nature, so we'll just have to test our luck with them.

Find the missing Defaced Sisters[edit | edit source]

  • We met a strange woman at the barbarian camp – something of a mix between a priestess, a witch, and a sorceress... Or maybe she's simply an impostor? Whatever she is, she says her three sisters went out to search for who-knows-what, and never returned. She hinted vaguely that if we were able to find them, she'd aid us in our search. It's a faint trail, but it's better than nothing!
  • One of the Sisters went to look for the Forsaken Mound.
  • All we found in the Forsaken Mound was the corpse of one of the Defaced Sisters, along with an odd incense burner shaped like a cyclops skull. Could that piece of junk be the relic we're looking for?
  • Another Sister went to the Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes.
  • All we found in the Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes was a giant pile of disappointment. On the other hand, at least we weren't the only unlucky ones – the Sisters didn't have any luck either!
  • The third Sister should be in the City of Hollow Eyes.
  • We didn't find the relic in the City of Hollow Eyes... For gods' sake, who came up with these creepy names?!

Return to the barbarians' main camp[edit | edit source]

  • We found all three of the missing Sisters, but – surprise! – they didn't tell us anything useful. We should return to camp and talk to the Sister who asked us to look for them. She can't keep giving us vague hints forever! ... Can she?

Speak with Dugath[edit | edit source]

  • That was unexpected. Rather than more of the Sister's vagueries, what we got was a fight. This trail has reached its end... Maybe the barbarian leader will have some clue where to look next.
  • The Defaced Sisters were unable to find the relic. But much to our surprise, Dugath gave us a clue about where to look next: the Valley of the Dead.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

So, the Valley of the Dead. A place where even battle-hardened barbarians dare not tread. The place those creepy Sisters were looking for. That's where we'll find the answers we seek. For gods' sake, why do we always end up in places like that? Why can't we ever find adventures in the Chocolate Fields, or the Forest of Fuzzy Unicorns?

Note : it is possible to go through the Gate to the Valley of the Dead without going back to the barbarian camp to report to the defaced sister, since you only need the 3 Cyclops Incense Burners from her 3 missing sisters. In that case, if you go to the barbarian camp after you finish Vordakai's Tomb, the camp is empty and the quest says to speak with Dugath who is no longer in the camp, the quest stays unfinished. This was the only way I found not to give my name to Vordakai since reporting back to the Defaced Sister involves her shouting your name out for the Raven to hear.