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Governing your realm will require one advisor for each stat. You may appoint your companions as well as some of the Stolen Lands citizens into these advisor positions. Each of the ten positions has at least three characters who are qualified to hold it. Not all of these characters will be willing to serve you right away — some of them will need to be convinced. Appointing others will require completing an assignment for them or rendering them some other service.

Every advisor acts on their own ideology. They have their own opinions on everything that happens in your domain. Therefore, you may want to select characters whose governance philosophy is consistent with your own.

Every advisor position is also affected by the statistics of the character in the slot. For instance, if you put Amiri in the General slot, she gets a bonus based on her Str to her advisor role. This allows you to give them items to boost their advisor stat specifically, and if you are not using the character you can put every 4th level's stat into boosting their advisor role.

Positions[edit | edit source]

Civilization Stat Role Modifier Characters
Community Regent Charisma Valerie, Octavia, Lander Lebeda
Loyalty Councilor Wisdom Tristian, Shandra Mervey, Tsanna
Military General Strength Amiri, Regongar, Kassil Aldori
Economy Treasurer Intelligence Jubilost, Kanerah, Bartholomew Delgado, Maegar Varn
Divine High Priest Wisdom Harrim, Jhod Kavken, Tsanna
Relations Grand Diplomat Charisma Valerie, Linzi, Bartholomew Delgado
Stability Warden Constitution Regongar, Ekundayo, Kesten Garess
Arcane Magister Intelligence Octavia, The Storyteller, Vordakai
Culture Curator Charisma Linzi, Jaethal, The Storyteller
Espionage Minister Dexterity Jaethal, Jubilost, Ekundayo

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Every realm stat gains a bonus from a specific ability of the appointed advisor. The exact size of the bonus is indicated in the upper right corner of the advisor's card.

Only advisors may address the problems, opportunities, and sudden events that occur in your domain and require immediate attention. Don't leave these positions vacant!

Companion appointments[edit | edit source]

Name Alignment Location Role One Role Two
Amiri Chaotic Neutral Prologue General N/A
Valerie Lawful Neutral Prologue Regent Diplomat
Harrim Chaotic Neutral Prologue High Priest N/A
Linzi Chaotic Good Prologue Diplomat Curator
Jaethal Neutral Evil Prologue Curator Minister
Regongar Chaotic Evil Technic League Encampment General Warden
Octavia Chaotic Good Technic League Encampment Regent Magister
Tristian Neutral Good Temple of the Elk Councilor N/A
Jubilost Chaotic Neutral A Ford Across the Skunk River Treasurer Minister
Ekundayo Lawful Good Ruined Watchtower Warden Minister
Kanerah Lawful Evil Sorrowflow Treasurer N/A

Special character appointments[edit | edit source]

Alignments for Special characters aren't known. So these are best estimates based on the information on their cards and their actions. If you want to change an alignment please post in the discussion/talk your argument for that alignment so we can resolve contradictions.

Name Alignment Location Role One Role Two
Jhod Kavken Lawful Good Thorn Ford High Priest N/A
Kassil Aldori Lawful Good Coronation General N/A
Shandra Mervey Lawful Neutral Coronation Councilor N/A
Lander Lebeda Chaotic Neutral Coronation Regent N/A
Bartholomew Delgado Lawful Evil Lone House Treasurer Diplomat
Kesten Garess Lawful Neutral Aldori's Banquet Hall Warden N/A
The Storyteller True Neutral Throne Room Curator Magister
Tsanna Chaotic Evil Shrine of Lamashtu High Priest Councilor
Vordakai Neutral Evil Vordakai's Tomb Magister N/A
Maegar Varn Chaotic Good Throne Room after Varnhold Treasurer N/A

Tips[edit | edit source]

On the advisor cards there are hints towards their alignments if they "like to make a profit" they're usually "neutral" if they are "direct" this tends to mean "Chaotic" "Letter of the law" equals "lawful"

There is a dialog choice to eject or kill Tsanna. If you chose to forgive her, you gain her as a appointment; all other options make her unavailable.

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