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A Flower in the Swamp
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A Flower in the Swamp is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


The elf Kimo Tavon has asked for a rare flower of unmatched beauty that his hunter friend told him about. It grows somewhere deep in the heart of the Narlmarches.


  • Speak with Kimo Tavon in your 4th town, and he asks you to retrieve a flower from the swamp, in the "heart of the narlmarches"
  • Travel to the map area "Swamp Witch's Hut"
  • Once there, make your way to the northeast area of the map
  • Near some bushes, you'll pass a perception check to discover a hidden path
  • Pass an athletics check to enter the hidden area and fight 3 owlbears
  • At the top of the area should be the bush you need to harvest
  • Retrieve the Rare Bog Flower and return to Kimo
  • Speak with him again and present the flower to him
  • He'll give you a Masterwork Longspear and 600 exp.
  • He'll ask if he can stay there
    • Build him a workshop
    • Refuse

(Note: The name of the workshop doesn't match the name of the crafter. It says "Kimiel's Shop" and not "Kimo's shop". Talking to Kimo reveals that Kimiel is his real name, Kimo is just a nickname)

  • If you choose to build his workshop it will take 10 days to finish
  • Return to Kimo after that time and speak with him again