A Feast of Feasts

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A Feast of Feasts
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A Throne room event
The Beer Mug Inn
Hunting Grounds
Companion quest
750 XP
Previous Quest
A Score to Settle
Next Quest
Bury the Past

A Feast of Feasts is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Ekun's gloomy face is an awful sight! It's time to act. We need to prepare a surprise for him... namely, gather his friends, bring food and wine, and have a feast!
Talk to Elina the innkeeper
Who should we ask to prepare food and drinks, if not Elina? Her inn is famous for its cooking throughout the capital. Let's see what she has to offer.
Bring Ekun to the agreed upon place
Thanks to Ntavi, Ekun's old friend, and Elina the trap has been set! We just need to lure the guests and Ekun into it! The party will take place in the Hunting Grounds, in Kamelands. By the way, who should I invite to the party?
Talk to Ntavi
Ntavi asked for you to come to her to discuss something.
  • Ntavi asked to find her a bottle of wine. Shouldn't prove difficult at a feast...
Talk to Ekun
The party is in full swing! And of course the baron{ess} can't wait to talk to the hero of the hour. {He/She} needs to seize the moment and talk to Ekun.
Talk to Linzi
I promised to play something special for such an occasion. I only need a signal to know when I can begin.
The evening was great – we enjoyed it so much! Ekun seemed to enjoy himself as well, and we managed to dispel his gloom, if only for a night.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the Beer Mug Tavern, in your capitol city Tuskdale, and speak to Elina, the innkeeper.
  • Travel to "The Hunting Grounds" in the Kamelands, with Ekun in your party. Once there, go to the bottom right area of the hunting grounds map and speak to Elina to begin the feast.
  • Talk to people if you wish, including Ekundayo.
  • Ntavi asks you for a bottle of wine. You can get one by talking to Elina again.
  • Talk to Elina and get a bottle of wine. Give it to Ntavi and watch her leave with Ekundayo.
  • Talk to Linzi to trigger the end of the party.
  • Participate in the naming (or not) of the dog.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug icon.png At the picnic area, talking to Valerie will trigger a full conversation, rather than a short clip that all the other companions have. (Last Version:1.1.1c)