A Crumpled Letter

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A Crumpled Letter
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A Crumpled Letter is a letter in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"My Dear Kennoth Plamer,

With your desire to pursue a new archaeological missing in mind, I spent a few hours in my library today and identified a location worthy of your research. In the northeastern part of the River Kingdoms lies a region called the Stolen Lands. Many antiquities can be found in such a place. No doubt an inquisitive researcher would be able to find old coins, significant cultural remnants, and even pieces of artifacts that might be restored. Naturally, you shall require the services of a specialist to evaluate your findings during your travels. I've no doubt of your ability to recruit such a specialist once you arrive in the Stolen Lands. Such contacts can typically be made in large cities or settlements. You would not want your return journey encumbered with items of scant value or interest, after all.

Before you set off, it is my obligation to warn you that this place is untamed and can be perilous. Watch not only for bandits and monsters, but also impassable swamps and dangerous open plains. Should you decide to visit the Stolen Lands, I strongly urge you, Kennoth, to hire a professional guide, and better yet – guards. It is wise to take precautions.

I would appreciate it greatly if you return with a few amusing curiosities for me, as a token of our friendship."

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