"The Written Word on the Execution Block"

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"The Written Word on the Execution Block"
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"The Written Word on the Execution Block" is book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

Author: I.K. Danzi

Shrike Hills Publishing

"It's no secret that a large-scale language reform is being discussed in Galt right now. Or rather, a barbaric simplification and impoverishment of spoken and written language. Their plan is to remove a few letters from the alphabet, to primitivize words, depriving them of their wealth of morphemes and reducing the entire prefix base. In the end, this will destroy all the treasures the language of the Galtan poets and playwrights is famous for.

What does this mean? In truth, this complicated and stunningly fruitful language, ideal for creators of art, is to be tamed and shortened, sent to the execution block, in the same manner these 'linguistic activists' have already shortened their rulers!

What will be the result of such reform? Will the rich cultural tradition fall into decay? Wither, like a tree deprived of water? It's more than that. After all, not only will future authors lose potential tools of the trade, but future readers will also be unable to comprehend the masterpieces created by their predecessors. The language of high poetry will devolve into the language of the crowd, of the common people..."