"The Legend of the Pathfinder" by Aren Roarvie

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"The Legend of the Pathfinder" by Aren Roarvie
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"The Legend of the Pathfinder" by Aren Roarvie is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"The door flung open. The three chaps sharing adventure stories fell silent.

"Hail, friend!" said the visitor in a deep voice. "Have you got a room for me, master?"

The bored half-elf behind the counter peering into the visitor's face and whistled.

"Blimey! If it isn't Gregas Jeffs! Hail, friend! Let me give you a room – your gold is no good here!"

"No, I'll pay for it in full. That's what the Society is for. Helping and sharing!" Gregas nods at the three chaps. "So there's my replacement... Have you held the Confirmation yet?"

"We've got one last trial to go!" The youngest blurted out and popped up from his chair. "It's such an honor! I've read all the Chronicles! All about your adventures!"

"I heard you joined the Decemvirate, Gregas," another uttered.

"Oh, did you? You should cut off your ears then, they deceive you! Am I wearing a mask?"

"You ain't."

"Good for you. A Pathfinder with no eyes is no good. I'm not interested in politics. I'm interested in seeking. So, far you going to pour me a beer? And I'll tell you a couple of tales..."