"Temple of the Roses" by Elestin of Sinaria

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"Temple of the Roses" by Elestin of Sinaria
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"Temple of the Roses" by Elestin of Sinaria is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"... roaring flames are devouring the Template of Roses. The petals of the flowers darken, curl up and finally turn to ash – the moments of utter pain and ugliness that comes before final, serene eternity. Burning idols seem to grimace, cry, laugh – and turn their fiery gazes upon me. The heat grows unbearable – but I dare not turn my eyes from this sacred fire, admiring its every precious moment while my eyes still serve me. Laymen will call me a vandal – they'll say that I'd destroyed a priceless piece of art because I hated everything beautiful. But do not believe this. I loved the temple more than my life, and I lit it with the fires that burn in my heart. For can there be a higher devotion than melting together with the object of your admiration, into the shining splendor of oblivion?"