"Secret Overlords: the Essence of the World Order"

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"Secret Overlords: the Essence of the World Order"
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"Secret Overlords: the Essence of the World Order" is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"Until recently, we knew this world as it was described in books and stories. A sewer, torn apart by hyenas that separate us with nations and borders, oppress us with extortion and lies, and assert their authority and power. However, someone else's hand rules these slaves who act like masters. It's a threat far more intimidating than a handful of arrogant fools. Our lands are secretly ruled by the most ancient creatures of Golarion, the inhabitants of the ever-dark depths, who know both past and future. People are led along paths they cannot see, and do not have the power to leave – to an end known only to our the hidden masters. Some insist that the signs are purely coincidental, but they point to a vast conspiracy. Only a fool can fail to see how the myriad coincidences weave into a great cobweb. Or they have submitted their very will and sworn their allegiance to our unseen masters in the depths."