"On the Nature of the Divine"

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"On the Nature of the Divine"
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"On the Nature of the Divine" is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"Can a mortal become a god? Is the very idea blasphemy? Science relies on experience, where there may be evidence presented in support. But when science encounters theology, it recoils. The term 'evolution' has no application to the divine spark that illuminates dull matter in incomprehensible ways.

The foremost example is angels, to whom we owe the existence of our virtuous mortal souls, which brings us to a paradox. A mortal soul transforms into an immortal essence. There are many such breathtaking events, which each promise a connection to the divine. Sunny Sarenrae is perfect proof of this.

The Starstone trial desecrated divinity, turned it into a god's exam, where any trickster with a handful of spells who can avoid some traps in a deadly maze – may rise to divinity!

Is the nature of divinity, then, so sacred indeed?"