"Legend of the Archknights of Avistan", Vol. 1

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"Legend of the Archknights of Avistan", Vol. 1
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"Legend of the Archknights of Avistan", Vol. 1 is book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

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"To many, the Archknights of Avistan were legend. To others they were salvation. And to the wicked they were they were judgement. Their deeds were many, and spanned from the central jungles of Garund to the realms of Mammoth and Linnorm. Knighted in Taldor, but serving far beyond the scope of any one kingdom or empire, they proved to be more than just knights. Their name was given by a government official in Absalom after they foiled a plot to kill a number of powerful merchants and politicians.

Yet, for a band of heroes to be legend, they must be more than great as individuals or team. They must have great motivations and they must have class. These Knights were said to find no injustice beneath their time or skill. Yet one goal did drive them like no other across the face of this continent and beyond. It was said that they sought the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of our time. What happened to Aroden, the last Azlanti? Their world trek put them in a position to help many, but it all was made possible by their desire to unravel the true fate of the living god, now thought dead.

And they have class. Guy Shaseur De Lombair was their spokesmen. A striking exotic half-elf whose father was a nobleman from Galt, and whose mother was a raven-haired beauty from Rahadoum. Victims of political turmoil in Galt, Guy's parents were executed by a device that would later inspire the creation of the Final Blades during the country's Red Revolution. Guy fled the land of his father and clawed his way up to be a great swordsman, wilderness guide, tracker, and Archknight. His political prowess was said to be as sharp as his dual elven swords. Because of his mother's anti-religious influence, he disliked the gods. He thought that they lacked qualities deserving of worship because of their failure to prevent the everyday evils of man. He was said to say on occasion, "let the gods admire me, for at least I am here making a difference with my own hands. And let the gods of darker dogmas fear me, for I will not rest until their cloisters are graveyards." Attired in glamoured armor, this outdoorsman dressed as elegantly as any could in that profession. And he danced around his opponents like a bird of prey, graceful with every strike.

After surviving slave pits and having to fight and survive in the wilderness along as a child, he grew to be a man with a purpose. The world seemed to fall apart when Aroden was lost, so Guy vowed to find him..."

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