"In Search of Joy. Confessions of a Heretic."

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"In Search of Joy. Confessions of a Heretic."
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"In Search of Joy. Confessions of a Heretic." is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

"I take a deep breath and stand still, I long to absorb every moment of joy, inhale the evaporation of someone else's soul from their thickening blood. The border between reality and dream fades. It seems that everyone beyond the wall can hear the throbbing in my head, but it's only my fantasy. A ringing silence fills the room.

The fifth sacrifice has been made. My mistress, the most beautiful of goddesses, will be happy. I will take care of everything. Fragrant flowers, cut at the climax of their beauty, are now a part of the masterpiece, which is worthy of Shelyn herself! So what if the narrow-minded priests rejected me and my gift? I serve the Never-Fading Rose herself, not the worms that bite into her stem and suck at her life-giving juices.

It won't be long now before I finish my job. I've already found the material. Her eyes are grey, and hair is dark blond. She is fades into the dirt. I will rewrite her destiny."