"How to Save Pitax?"

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"How to Save Pitax?"
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"How to Save Pitax?" is a book in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Text[edit | edit source]

Author: The Union of Three Rebels

Shrike Hills Publishing

"The king's power is based upon the mercenary guard – its disbanding should be the first step for the citizens of the new, free Pitax. After expelling these murderers, the king will no longer be able to oppress us so heavily. If the king resists, the citizens of Pitax must rely upon the strength of the guilds and their artisans, as well as appealing to sympathetic states (primarily Galt) and, probably, the ruler of the barony of {your barony}.

Then it will be time for further reforms. Electing judges and freeing them from government pressure will be a crucial part of building a new Pitax. And banning death sentences for nonviolent crimes should be the natural continuation of this process.

One further step is transferring financial management from the hands of the sovereign over to the treasury, which should be formed of worthy, responsible Pitaxian citizens. Among other things, this allows for greater control over the disproportionate spending on culture currently performed by King Irovetti."